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The 2 Worst Draft Picks Of The Ryan Pace Era

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Fans of the Chicago Bears remember the many poor decisions Ryan Pace made as the team’s GM.

However, some of his worst decisions came during the NFL Draft.

While he had some winning picks during the draft, there were two picks that which rank as the worst.


Mitchell Trubisky

The 2017 NFL Draft was ripe with quarterback talent.

Notable quarterbacks selected during the first-round of this draft include Patrick Mahomes (10th overall) and Deshaun Watson (12th overall).

However, the quarterback needy Bears got Mitchell Trubisky with the second overall pick.

But what makes this move one of the worst picks is how Pace tanked the team’s draft capital for one player.

With the third overall pick, Pace gave away that pick plus three other picks to the San Francisco 49ers to move up one spot.

If Trubisky was the guy he was looking for, he could have gotten him with the third overall pick.

With two other quarterbacks out there, the 49ers got a defensive end instead of a quarterback.

This all means Pace did not need to trade up for Trubisky.


Kevin White

While the trading up for Trubisky was a horrible idea, drafting wide receiver Kevin White was even worse.

His four seasons with the Bears saw him with 25 receptions for 285 yards.

However, the low numbers were from him missing 43 games in his first three seasons because of injuries.

While he was one of the best receivers in 2015 NFL Draft, his injury-plagued career made him a bust.

Had his time with the Bears been fruitful, maybe he doesn’t end up as one of the worst picks during Pace’s tenure with the team.



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