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The best Minecraft seeds 2022

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The best Minecraft seeds cater to a number of requirements, like strongholds near villages for speedrunning, beautiful landscapes for building, and great areas for looting. These seeds are codes that the sandbox game uses to generate worlds for you, so even though new worlds are randomly generated, you can rebuild in the same ones over and over again.

Your job is simple: pick the one you want to play around in, whether that’s an ideal spawn location for gathering the best loot or exploring an idyllic landscape. In order to get the best Minecraft seeds up and running, grab the code and enter it into the seed field when creating a  new Minecraft world. The game does all the heavy lifting, leaving you to survey your new surroundings to your heart’s content.

Regardless of whether you’re a professional miner or someone about to load up their first world, there’s something you can’t control in Minecraft: the terrain itself. So while your mind may be brimming with possibilities, all too frequently, you’ll spawn in a bland, uninspiring world full of flat grassland and the odd chicken. Hardly the canvas for your masterpiece. Hence this collection of the best Minecraft seeds, from the inspiring to the functional and everything in between.

To help you out, we’ve put the latest version each seed works with after the seed code. You’ll need to set your Minecraft launcher to the indicated version for the correct results.

Here are the best Minecraft seeds:

Minecraft 1.20 seed

  • Seed: 2689156606574652174
  • Version:
  • Coordinates:

It’s never too early to start thinking about seeds for the next Minecraft update, and with camels, bamboo wood, and more available in 1.20 snapshots right now, you can already start testing the features. Not only does this seed spawn you near a ruined portal and in a gorgeous badlands biome, but you’ll also find a desert village just a short hop from spawn. Make sure you have the experimental features data pack turned on, and this village will be home to some cute Minecraft camels to ride, perfect for travelling across the vast desert and badlands landscape surrounding you.

Best Minecraft seeds: a chicken in a suit standing outside an Illager tower on a beach.

Mangrove swamp and Outpost

  • Seed: 3546842701776989958
  • Version: 1.19

Entering this seed found by Minecraft & Chill on the Bedrock version of the game will place you very close to an Illager outpost near a beach. Close by are a shipwreck, desert pyramid, and a village, but there’s also a vast Mangrove swamp to explore, which is ideal if you want to find Minecraft frogs.

Best Minecraft seeds: a spire in the middle of the water, surrounded by a swamp and desert. A desert is in the background and the badlands are in the distance.

Gaspoweredpick Desert monolith

  • Seed: 416469024
  • Version: 1.19

At first, this Minecraft seed from Gaspoweredpick seems unassuming aside from the Mangrove Swamp you spawn in. However, if you climb up a tree, you’ll find a striking spire. This area is a fantastic focal point, with the nearby desert having plenty to discover, including a desert village and a badlands biome.

Minecraft Seeds Coastal village: a village near ocean ruins and a ruined portal


Coastal Towns

  • Seed: -7783854906403730143
  • Version: 1.18

This Minecraft 1.18 seed spawns you on a rocky plateau close to a large village. Several spectacular mountains are in the distance, and just across the water is another village built into the cliffside – a perfect base for ocean adventuring. Even better, there’s a ruined portal and an accessible ocean ruin nearby, both containing valuable loot. It’s a great Minecraft survival seed for exploring the Caves and Cliffs update.

Minecraft Seeds: A mooshroom mob on the mushroom fields biome


Mooshroom Paradise

  • Seed: 859337968100847433
  • Version: 1.18

After spawning on a sandy shore, turn around and venture out to sea to discover a Mooshroom paradise populated by several adorable Mooshroom families. Watch your step as the rare mushroom fields occasionally open up to huge ravines.

Best Minecraft seeds: a woodland mansion on the banks of a river in Minecraft, opposite a lush cave

Woodland Mansion and Lush Caves

  • Seed: 2377611421072266823
  • Version: 1.18
  • Coordinates: x=487, z=492

Instead of heading out to sea when you spawn into this seed, sail along the river toward the above coordinates, and you’ll come across a woodland mansion on the riverbank.

On the opposite bank, there’s a cave nestled in the hill – inside, it opens up into a vast lush cave, with a dripstone cave chamber on the side. There are plenty more lush caves in the vicinity to explore, but they require some digging to find.

Best Minecraft seeds: a Minecraft lush cave seed with pools of water and a mineshaft

Beautiful Lush Cave

  • Seed: -1898624505743265221
  • Version: 1.18
  • Coordinates: x=2890, y=47, z=2200

While this breathtaking cave found by u/SushyDie on Reddit is a fair old trek from the initial spawn location, it’s more than worth the journey.

Travelling into the massive cave via the top of a disused mine shaft attached to the roof by chains, the vast expanse of the cave opens up below you and is the perfect location for an underground metropolis. Not to mention all that precious loot you can get find in the Mineshafts.

Best Minecraft seeds: a Minecraft 1.18 village built into a tall rocky island

Vertical Island Village

Seed: -6537256334104833826
Version: 1.18
Coordinates: x=-416, z= 128

You can find this peculiar village, discovered by u/szmirgley on Reddit, to the west of the island where you spawn. These intrepid villagers have made a home all the way around a tall, jagged cliff jutting out of the sea, with harbours on every side, buildings perched on top, and farmland carved into the cliffside. While it looks cool, it’ll take a while to scale this crazy vertical island.

Best Minecraft seeds: a Minecraft village in a taiga biome with a few houses on a snowy mountain plateau

Hillside Village

Seed: 7492140738558
Version: 1.17

This taiga spawn, highlighted in a video by YouTuber Mazbro, contains several villages in the immediate vicinity, including a hillside village sitting on a mountaintop plateau. There are plenty of picturesque building opportunities along the coast, too.

Best Minecraft seeds: a Minecraft seed with four biomes in close proximity

Biome Cluster

Seed: -2268290183235354767
Version: 1.17

This seed spawns you in a jungle biome, next to mushroom fields bordered by a desert, which then transitions into beautiful badlands. Oh, and there’s a frozen ocean biome in the mix – we found a single polar bear during our expedition that was admiring its colourful surroundings. We have the intrepid explorer, YouTuber Avomance, to thank for finding this seed.

Minecraft seeds: the classic Minecraft title screen

Minecraft title screen

Seed: 2151901553968352745
Version: Beta 1.7.3
Coordinates: x=61.48, y=75, z=-68.73

For many years the image of the Minecraft title screen eluded researchers determined to track down its whereabouts until finally, the announcement came that someone had found the original Minecraft title screen seed. This location of the title screen is now verified to be correct; you can see this momentous discovery in the video along with the exact coordinates and seed code above, which you’ll need to gaze at the now unblurred original Minecraft vista. If that doesn’t work, you can also use the following seed as both of them work: 8091867987493326313.

How to set up a Minecraft seed

It’s important to note that the world you get from a Minecraft seed depends entirely on what version of Minecraft you are running. A brilliant seed you find in version 1.6 could turn into something upsettingly bland in later versions.

Those are our very favourite Minecraft seeds. If you have the Bedrock edition, here are some of the best Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds that work with that version. There’s plenty to keep you busy exploring, but there’s always something new to find, so why not try our best Minecraft maps? Or perhaps our top Minecraft servers or Minecraft Shaders. Oh, and don’t forget to equip some brilliant Minecraft skins before you head out. Anyway, we’ll leave you to it; there’s plenty more Redstone we need to dig up, and this pick-axe won’t swing itself.



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