Wednesday, June 7, 2023

The Knicks Are Still Painfully Average

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As is tradition, the New York Knicks were defeated by the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday night, falling 112-85 to Kevin Durant and his troubled team.

It was yet another lackluster showing from the Knicks, who should be a whole lot better based on the talent that they have.

The team currently has a 5-6 record, good enough for 7th place in the East.

Faithful Twitter account KnicksMuse remarked on the team’s place in the league, saying, “The Knicks are far away from winning a championship, but also far away from getting a top pick.”

They added, “This front office needs to indicate a direction.”

“Directionless” is a very good way to summarize this current Knicks team – but how can they make the changes needed?


The Knicks In Need

The Knicks are better than they were last year and have shown some progress.

But just being better than last season isn’t good enough and they will need to do a whole lot more to climb the ranks of the East and make long-suffering fans happy.

The addition of Jalen Brunson during the summer was a great move in the right direction but it’s obviously not enough.

The Knicks aren’t like the Cleveland Cavaliers, who were clearly just waiting for one missing piece to make them complete.

There has been a lot of talk of the Knicks trading away one of their stars, preferably Julius Randle, in order to shake things up and improve the roster.

That would be a drastic move but perhaps it would be a good one to get them out of the sputtering rut they’re stuck in.

The Knicks have changed and gotten better but they are still stuck in the middle of the pack.



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