Sunday, March 26, 2023

The Nets May Have Already Found Their Next Head Coach

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It has been a very busy day for the front office of the Brooklyn Nets.

They abruptly announced the departure of head coach Steve Nash after the team earned a troubling 2-5 season start.

Literally just moments after that announcement, news leaked of possible candidates to replace Nash, including Quin Snyder, and suspended Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka.

Now it sounds like Udoka has all but gotten the job.

Adrian Wojnarowski says that Udoka has emerged as the likely next head coach for the team.

In fact, he said the announcement of Udoka’s hiring could be made within the next 24 to 48 hours.

This is a very fast change of pace for the team – and a huge rebound for Udoka, whose NBA career looked to be all but over just weeks ago.


From Boston To Brooklyn

It now seems likely that the Nets have had their eyes on Udoka ever since his suspension from Boston.

They probably toyed with the idea of picking up Udoka if the Net’s new season didn’t get off to a much better start.

Sure enough, it didn’t and, sure enough, Udoka is on the verge of getting the head coaching gig.

A lot of baggage is coming with Udoka because of the way he left the Celtics.

He will have a lot of attention on him, as well as a lot of pressure to get the team back on track too.

It’s a bit surprising to see the Celtics part ways with Udoka even though he was suspended because he could turn the Nets into their biggest competition.

But it remains to be seen if Udoka can do to Brooklyn what he did to Boston.



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