Tuesday, January 31, 2023

This $9 Cuticle Oil Has Over 92,600 5-Star Reviews on Amazon

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Here’s what reviewers are saying:

“I love the way this feels on my cuticles. I am a nervous picker at my cuticles and this not only reduces me wanting to pluck away at my damaged cuticles, but also relieves the soreness from the damage I caused prior to application.”

“I love how lightweight the oil is but it is still hydrating on my hands. It absorbs really quickly and doesn’t feel super oily or leave a oily film/residue and I love how light the fragrance is (I have a fragrance sensitivity so I don’t like heavy scented things).”

“My nails are recovering from years of acrylics. My nails are short, broken, and dry. I have a daily ritual of applying cuticle oil and filing any jagged edges on my nails in addition to painting them at the slightest chip of polish. I just received this cuticle oil today and wow! It soaks in super fast. The scent is light (perfect if you work in a medical setting) and clean.”

“My skin is ultra dry and cracks and bleeds often during winter, but this oil has been a magical skin saver for me! No more painful cracks and cuts. I would give it 10 stars.”

“This stuff has completely transformed my nails! They are smooth, strong and straight. My cuticles are minimal now as well. Another added benefit is that I rub a dropper full into my hands, forearms and elbows. My fingers no longer crack in the winter and my hands and elbows are super soft. I always had dry, rough elbows. I’m pretty particular with leaving good reviews, but this oil is REALLY good.”



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