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US Regulatory Inaction Hindering Crypto Investment, Says Ripple Policy Head

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Many notable figures, including Coinbase CEO Armstrong, have raised concerns regarding the regulatory uncertainty in the US crypto industry. They even emphasized its impact on innovation, investment opportunities, and job loss.

According to Ripple policy head Susan Friedman, crypto industry players are escaping the US to regions like Dubai with clear regulatory guidelines. In her tweet, Friedman noted that these migrations could severely impact jobs and investment in the United States.

Unclear Regulatory Guideline Affects American Innovation And Competitiveness

Susan Friedman reacted to a post by the Republicans of the US House Committee on Financial Services regarding the impacts of the SEC’s regulation by enforcement.

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The tweet called attention to the SEC’s forceful regulatory regime pushing digital asset firms overseas and reducing competitiveness in the American market.

While responding to the post, Friedman confirmed that crypto industry players are moving to places with defined guidelines for crypto regulatory treatment. According to the executive, the fear of innovation migrating overseas is not an exaggeration, as some industry players have begun moving.

Crypto market plunges on the chart l Source:

Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) is legislation poised to create a regulatory framework for digital assets across the European Union. The European Commission introduced the law in September 2022 and expects it to take effect in 2024.

Since European lawmakers approved the MiCA rules in April 2023, the region’s crypto space has gained more recognition. This development has attracted innovators to Europe amid concerns regarding the harsh regulatory atmosphere in the US. 

Concerns Over The SEC’s Regulatory Approach

Top industry players like Coinbase CEO Brain Armstrong, Ripple’s chief Brad Garlinghouse, and other notable figures in the crypto space have called for clear guidelines for digital assets. However, these calls have not yielded results as the US legislature and regulatory agencies have yet to do the needful. 

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That has led players like Coinbase to consider setting up their shops outside the US. At the London Fintech conference, Coinbase’s CEO disclosed the firm might relocate its business elsewhere unless the US regulatory approach changes.

Despite the growing concerns, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) remained determined to tighten its reins on the industry. The SEC undertook many crackdown actions on digital firms like Coinbase, stablecoin issuer Paxos, Ripple, and Kraken

Amid these activities, several industry players, including Republican lawmakers, called out the regulator for taking the wrong approach to crypto regulation. They said the SEC embarks on regulation by enforcement without providing a clear guideline for crypto businesses to follow.

Recent reports noted that Coinbase filed a petition against the SEC, demanding the watchdog provide regulatory guidelines for crypto assets.

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