Sunday, November 27, 2022

US shooting: six killed in a Virginia Walmart supermarket

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A Walmart supermarket manager in Virginia pulled out a gun during a routine employee meeting and killed six people before turning the weapon on himself.  Six more were injured. 

So far the motive for the attack is unknown. 

It’s the US’s second high-profile mass shooting in four days and comes as Americans prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday.

As President Joe Biden left for his own family break, he sent his condolences to the families of the victims of yet another shooting.

“Jill and I grieve for the families in Chesapeake and for Virginia, which suffered a terrible shooting earlier this month,” tweeted Joe Biden.

“We mourn those who will have empty seats at their Thanksgiving table because of these tragic events – we must take greater action.”

Last June, President Biden signed a landmark gun-control bill into law. Today he said “it’s not nearly enough”.

Police are still investigating another shooting which took place at a gay nightclub in Colorado. 

This is the third straight year that there have been more than 600 mass victim shootings in America.



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