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Where Are The Bears Currently Picking In The Draft Order?

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The Chicago Bears 2022 season has them looking forward to only one thing: the NFL Draft.

Their horrible defensive play after getting leads in games has pushed them out of the playoff picture.

While they won’t see the playoffs, they will see a high value draft pick in 2023.

But where do they sit in the draft order, and will they move in their NFL Draft placement?


Chicago Holds The Second Overall Pick Currently For 2023

If the NFL season were to end today, the Bears will get the second overall pick for the 2023 NFL Draft.

Their 3-12 record puts them firmly in this spot with two more games left for the season.

While the Bears face two NFC North rivals to close out the season, no one feels they will win those games.

However, a win in either of those games can shake up where they land in the NFL draft.

So what happens if they lose both games or win one of them?


Bears Can Reach The First Pick But No Lower Than The Fifth Pick

The Bears might finish the season with either a 3-14 record or a 5-12 record.

If they lose out, and the Houston Texans win one game, the Bears can steal the first overall pick.

However, if the Bears win out, and three teams behind them lose out, they will end up with the fifth overall pick.

With the Denver Broncos, Arizona Cardinals, and Indianapolis Colts all behind the Bears, they can easily move up if the Bears win out.



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