Thursday, June 1, 2023

Will Ferrell Ends Up With a Stranger in His Lap in Must-See Interview

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Things are getting wild on The Tonight Show.

In a sneak peek at the Nov. 10 episode of Jimmy Fallon‘s late night show, guest and fellow Saturday Night Live alum Will Ferrell steers the conversation off topic in search of a dangerous four-legged feline in the 30 Rock studio.

“Do we have any Bengal tigers?” Ferrell asks the audience mid-interview, looking around for the wild cat. “No Bengal tigers. I heard a baby Bengal tiger.”

The unscripted hilarity continues as Fallon joins in saying, “Where’s the baby Bengal tiger? I’ll go find it.”

Fallon soon returns with a male audience member looking to get in on the fun. The fan then hops into Ferrell’s lap, mimes tiger claws with his hands and starts making animal groans.

“Can I borrow one of your pens?” Ferrell asks Fallon, “they love objects.” The comedian dangles the pen in front of the stranger on his lap as the man repeatedly meows.



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