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Yankees Catcher Gets Deserved Defensive Award

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It’s Gold Glove day in MLB, as the league recognizes defensive greatness in the 2022 season.

The New York Yankees were one of the best defensive teams during the regular season, with several candidates to win the award and others, like Josh Donaldson, who were snubbed.

Catcher Jose Trevino, however, wouldn’t be denied.

He is taking home his first Gold Glove award thanks to his incredible defensive performance.

“Our anchor behind the plate. Congrats on your 1st @RawlingsSports Gold Glove, @HipHipJose5!” the Yankees official account tweeted.

He led MLB backstops with an incredible 21 Defensive Runs Saved, or DRS.

He was also a master of framing, which is the art of deceiving umpires into thinking balls are actually strikes so they can make the call.

Trevino finished the 2022 campaign with a league-leading 19.1 framing runs, well above the league average.


The King Of Stealing Strikes

This necessary ability put Yankees pitchers in a great position to succeed this year, because it’s not the same to have a 1-2 count than a 2-1 one.

You could say that Trevino put some extra pressure on opposing hitters with his excellent framing skills.

His defensive contributions went way beyond than just framing, though.

He is good at blocking balls, calling games, and throwing runners out on the bases.

All in all, he is the complete package defensively, and it’s nice to see him being recognized for it.

His offense (.248/.283/.388, 11 home runs) wasn’t explosive by any means, but the Yankees are willing to trade it for his fantastic defense.

He went from a depth addition before the year starter to the Yankees’ unquestioned starter at catcher.

It was quite a year for Trevino.



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